World Cup commentator Deborah Secco leaves her panties on TV and divides opinions

The 2022 World Cup started in Qatar and, here, Deborah Secco made her debut as a commentator from the program “Tá na Copa”, from SporTV. For the new function, the actress won a uniform similar to those used by other sports presenters, but with unique and daring detailsas well as the personality of the artist, who does not shy away from spicy themes.

The look, made up of a blue long-sleeved crop top with the channel’s and station’s logo, gained extra sensuality with very low-waisted cargo pants, highlighting part of the actress’ panties.

The outfit, which clearly wanted to highlight the sexy side of the actress, divided opinions on the web. While many celebrities praised Deborah’s power with the look, many Internet users criticized the choice of pieces. “Sports journalism professionals are all screwed. Nothing against it, you’re beautiful, but it’s not a suitable outfit to talk about sport, the World Cup. You’re smart, you don’t need it. Sorry, but this time it’s not cool”, he opined a follower.

“Globo manages to mess up even with football,” said another Internet user. “Is it the World Cup or a fashion show?” asked another. “Did she go to show her panties or to present?”, pointed out a follower. “This costume is completely unnecessary. Is this the image they want to reinforce out there?”, Needled another netizen.

Deborah Secco talks about ex-husband Roger Flores

When presented as a new member of the sports program, Deborah Secco said that she owes her ex-husband Roger Flores, a former football player and with whom she maintains a friendly relationship, everything she knows about the sport.

“Roger is a guy I adore, who taught me a lot about football. Everything I say here has his finger, they cover him”, joked Hugo Moura’s wife, with whom he had his only daughter, Maria Flor, 6 years, but is already trying for a second pregnancy.

Deborah Secco received a proposal of R$ 10 million for sex

Without mincing words, Deborah Secco said that she has already received a proposal beyond indecent in exchange for sex: “I had a proposal of 10 million reais for a few nights with me”, he shot.

The artist then assured that she refused the proposal. “But it will never happen. I was bothered because I’m not for sale and someone thinking about that possibility offends me a little. I’m such a real person, so true to what I feel and so intense…”, she scored.

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