World Cup 2022: "Very, very bad": Schweinsteiger dissects Bayern and BVB star

The preliminary round of the German national team at the World Cup in Qatar could already be sealed on Sunday. DFB legend Bastian Schweinsteiger has criticized a Bayern player and a BVB player in particular. Another German World Cup hero sees reasons for optimism ahead of Spain game. News and rumors about the German team can be found here.

More news about the DFB from the previous days:

DFB, News: German from already against Spain

After the opening defeat against Japan, the German World Cup could already be sealed against Spain. Should the team of national coach Hansi Flick lose against the Iberians and Japan get at least one point against Costa Rica beforehand, the four-time world champion could no longer reach the round of 16.

“The knockout round started earlier for us,” said Thomas Müller after the 2-1 draw against Japan: “We need two wins, and you can’t just order two wins like that.”

Nevertheless, the leading player also spread confidence for the duel with the former world and European champions: “We will pick ourselves up again. We have the quality, the confidence and the style of play to beat Spain too.” The Iberians started the tournament furiously with a 7-0 thrashing of Costa Rica.

After two games, the selection of the DFB had failed only once at a World Cup: 1938. After a 1:1 aet against Switzerland, there was a decisive game against the Swiss for the quarter-finals. Coach Sepp Herberger’s team lost 4-2.

Four years ago in Russia there was a first round elimination after defeats against Mexico and South Korea and only one win against Sweden. “In the end, the situation is similar and the situation doesn’t feel good,” said Müller.

DFB, News: Schweinsteiger dismantles BVB and Bayern star

After the defeat against Spain, DFB legend Bastian Schweinsteiger is in his capacity as a TV expert in the ARD two players in particular were harshly judged: Leon Goretzka from FC Bayern and Niklas Süle from BVB. After noting that “big mistakes on the defensive” had been made (“As long as we do that, we’ll lose the games, it’s that simple!”), he also named specific names.

“That wasn’t good enough for a defender like Süle. It’s a classic, really serious defensive mistake. If someone comes at you in a one-on-one, you don’t let them run inside, you make the inside lane and lets him run to the outside – less can happen.” This was not the case before the first goal.

Leon Goretzka then tried to get the ball “with a tackle, doesn’t get it and then stops. I don’t like that. That’s not good, that’s really, really bad.” Schweinsteiger didn’t like Süle’s behavior when he conceded the second goal either: “Schlotterbeck and Rüdiger wanted to play offside and they did it well. The full-back who is away from the ball always has to see exactly what the two central defenders are doing. And Süle has to see that he pushes it out there The mistake must never happen to a full-back.”

National coach Hansi Flick also shared this view of Takuma Asano’s goal: “If we hold the line, he’s offside. Niklas just has to be careful. He cancels the offside because he falls two or three steps too far It’s individual mistakes that we’ve had to pay for.” Sami Khedira, Schweinsteiger’s world champion colleague from 2014, agreed: “That’s a very blatant mistake.”

DFB, News: Spanish playing strength as a German advantage?

Jürgen Kohler, German World Champion from 1990, has not yet given up hope of a successful World Cup. “On the one hand, Germany’s false start caused disillusionment. On the other hand, I refuse to write our team off. Maybe the strength and enthusiasm of the Spaniards will suit us a bit. I’m expecting an open game because Spain won’t hide. What in turn Hansi Flick’s team should offer space for their own offensive actions. I still think it’s possible to progress,” wrote the Dortmund legend in one table football-Contribution.

“20 strong minutes” against the DFB team would have been enough for the Japanese team to bring Germany to its knees. “A short but sufficiently long period of time in which Hansi Flick’s team made the mistakes that are urgently to be avoided in a world tournament: offensively, where our team lacked determination and accuracy; defensively, where you could lacked the ultimate consistency and the necessary stability.” Therefore, against Spain “a real effort” is necessary.

Kohler attested to the Spanish team “a team with very good ball security, passing accuracy and sharpness of pass, as well as a strong positional play and great efficiency when scoring goals. The Iberians scored three goals with their first four shots on goal. And there was nothing to do with the backward movement either complain.” From his point of view it was “the best performance of a team at this World Cup so far”.

World Cup 2022: The match schedule of Group E

date encounter kick-off
November 23 Germany vs Japan 1:2
November 23 Spain vs Costa Rica 7-0
November 27th Japan vs Costa Rica 11 clock
November 27th Spain vs. Germany 8 p.m
December 01 Costa Rica vs. Germany 8 p.m
December 01 Japan vs Spain 8 p.m

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