World Cup 2022: Neymar feels severe pain and leaves the game crying. Video!

The Brazilian team debuted at the World Cup in Qatar this Thursday (24th) in an electrifying match against Serbia. The game ended in 2 x 0 with victory for Brazil, but with the absence of an important player for the team: Neymar. The playmaker left the field in the second half because of pain in his right ankle.

Neymar, who had promised to dedicate the first goal of the Cup to Jair Bolsonaro, complained of pain in the middle of the match and was attended to. Target of the players of the National Team of Serbia, he was the most fouled athlete in the first round of the World Cup; there were seven in this single match.

Team doctor updates Neymar’s health after the game

“Neymar had a sprain in his right ankle, the thing seen on TV is very clear, it was a direct trauma in which the Serbia player’s knee made a movement causing the sprain. It had swelling and we started the treatment on the bench. He continued in treatment in physiotherapy and now we have to wait 24h, 48 to have an idea. There is no scheduled imaging exam. If necessary, we will do it”, explained Rodrigo Lasmar, the team’s doctor.

“It will be decided as he is evaluated tomorrow. The expectation is observation, anything now about his evolution and his sequence is premature, we still have no answer and it is important to wait”, he concluded. The player stayed 11 minutes on the field with the pain.

“I didn’t see that he was in pain, I didn’t realize it. That shows the ability to overcome,” added Tite when asked at the press conference after the game.


Neymar was replaced by Antony around the 34th minute of the game, when the team had already scored both goals; both scored by Richarlison, a Tottenham player.

The PSG athlete left the pitch barefoot and limping. Then, the player sat on the bench and received an ice pack on his ankle. Neymar cried in pain and hid his face in his shirt.

According to UOL, Neymar must be evaluated by the medical department in the next few hours for a conclusion on the seriousness of the problem and if there are injuries. Watch the images!

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