World Cup 2022: Neymar and Marquinhos miss the first training session of the Selection. Know the reason!

The players called up by Tite for the 2022 World Cup are already gathered to start training for the Selection this Monday (14). Only Neymar and Marquinhos will not be able to perform and will miss the coach’s first test, which was criticized due to the call up of some athletes.

That’s because Neymar and Marquinhos, PSG players, had to change planes, on a chartered flight from France to Italy, where the Selection is concentrated. Due to the problem, the estimate is that the players arrive at the CT at 4 pm (local time), that is, well after the start of training.

Neymar explains controversy with Gabigol

After Gabigol’s absence from the national team was widely commented on the web, a piece of news from “Em OFF” revealed that Neymar would have asked Tite not to call up the Flamengo striker. That’s because Gabigol is Rafaella Santos’ ex-boyfriend, Neymar’s sister, and the relationship between the three would not be the best.

In an interview with the podcast “3 in the area”, Neymar denied the information and was only praising Gabigol. “These days he said that I didn’t summon Gabigol for this and that. Thousands of sites. It would be the opposite. I would be the first to take Gabigol. I’m a personal friend of his. I root for him, I like him as a player. For me he he’s a crack,” he declared.

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