World Cup 2022: Mbappé and his girlfriend are attacked by Argentine fans with racist and transphobic music

The 2022 World Cup will start on the 20th of November. On the eve of the start of the World Cup, the host country, which has already faced some controversies even before the beginning of the competition, is receiving thousands of tourists from all over the world throughout the week. The party, which was supposed to be beautiful, is gaining homophobic molds over the months.

First, the 2022 World Cup Ambassador to Qatar made a homophobic statement during an interview with German TV. Then, during this week, Argentinian fans live-action taunts France, one of their biggest rivals on the field.

The provocation, however, went beyond the banter of the joke and took a criminal turn. In the song sung by the Argentines, the fans made homophobic and racist statements against the French national team and, mainly, against Mbappé and Ines Rau, the model pointed out as the player’s girlfriend. The statement is not worth transcribing, however, it can be understood in the video below.

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