World Cup 2022: Lucas Hernandez victim of a cruciate ligament rupture

Ended for his World Cup. Tuesday November 23, 2022 in Al Wakrah (Qatar), the left back of the Blues, Lucas Hernandez, injured his right knee against Australia after 13 minutes of play, on the occasion of the first day of the phase of World Cup pools. “Like the whole group, players and staff, I am extremely sorry for Lucas. We are losing an important element. Lucas is a warrior and I have no doubt that he will do everything to get back to the fore. I know him well: courage, he will have it, that’s for sure,” said the coach of the Blues, Didier Deschamps.

Quickly medical examinations confirmed rupture of the cruciate ligament of the right knee. What is it about ? This injury, well known to athletes, is feared because it involves stopping sport for a long time. The bones are attached to each other by ligaments which are essential for stabilizing the knee. When there is a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament, it is therefore a retraction of the ligament at its two ends.

A long rehabilitation

Generally, the first symptoms appear immediately after the trauma: severe pain in the knee, cracking, a feeling of instability, swelling of the knee, difficulty walking, etc. If the clinical examination is inconclusive, it can be confirmed by MRI.

Cruciate ligament rupture does not heal on its own, a surgical intervention often turns out to be essential. Anterior cruciate ligamentoplasty allows the athlete to recover full mobility of the knee. Rehabilitation is then essential to regain stability of the knee. After this injury, Lucas Hernandez should be back on the pitch in four to six months.

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