World Cup 2022: Jair Bolsonaro should get a gift from Neymar if the Selection wins Hexa. know more

Amid health problems and sadness at the defeat in the 2022 Elections, Jair Bolsonaro should have some moment of joy soon. But everything depends on the performance of the Brazilian team in this World Cup. According to columnist Valmir Moratelli, from VEJA magazine, Neymar must give a gift to the current president if he wins the sixth championship.

According to the publication, if Brazil wins, Neymar wants to give Jair one of the shirts he will wear during the World Cup as a gift. It is worth remembering that the star was one of the supporters of the then candidate for re-election and even participated in one of the campaign acts, a live that lasted 22 hours.


During the presidential campaign, Neymar made a promise to Jair Bolsonaro: he would dedicate the first goal of this Cup to him. The athlete said he would make the president’s party number, 22, with his hands.

However, the attitude would go against FIFA guidelines. Article 33 of the World Cup regulations prohibits “the display of political, religious or person messages or slogans of any nature or language or form by players and officials”.

At the beginning of the month, the organization sent a letter to the Selections asking that political demonstrations be avoided. 🇧🇷Please do not allow football to be dragged into every ideological or political battle that exists.“, says the statement.

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