World Cup 2022: Flick underlines Gündogan’s criticism – new role for Kimmich?

DFB coach Hansi Flick supported Ilkay Gündogan’s critical view after the opening defeat at the World Cup. He also gave a small update on the injured Leroy Sané and at least didn’t want to rule out a changed position for Joshua Kimmich.

“Ilkay’s opinion is ok, we don’t dictate anything to any player. He got to the point, that’s important. Under pressure in the game you have to have the courage to offer yourself,” said Flick at the media round, referring to the Criticism from Gündogan, who complained after the 1: 2 against Japan that many teammates had hidden in the decisive phase of the game.

“We have to turn the screws and do things better. We don’t have a free shot anymore, we missed the shot,” said Flick before Sunday’s game against Spain, who had beaten Costa Rica 7-0 at the start. Flick also did not want to rule out personnel changes, such as a move from Joshua Kimmich to right-back. “You can really assume that we will discuss every personal detail and every position. We do that before every game. It is our job as a coaching team to set up the team so that it is top-class,” he explained when asked. However, he ruled out a system change to a chain of three.

There were enough “top-class players” against Japan to close the sack early on. “We lacked this efficiency and made too many mistakes from behind. That affects the whole team. These things are clearly addressed internally.” Flick was unable to give a clear forecast as to whether Leroy Sané could play again against Spain. However, the Bayern offensive player is on the training ground parallel to the media round and is completing an individual session. “That’s positive.”

DFB team: press conference with Hansi Flick in the live ticker to read

That was it from the media round from Qatar.

Gündogan’s criticism: “Ilkay’s opinion is okay, we don’t dictate anything to any player. He got to the point, that’s important. Under pressure in the game you have to have the courage to offer yourself. It was similar against Hungary, but then it was good against England. We’ve had four training sessions, not too much, developing the team and promoting teamwork. We have to do better.”

Missing Maturity: “I believe in experience. Yesterday’s first eleven are all active in the Champions League, even if some of them lack World Cup experience. We have to believe in our last chance and we have a good team. We have to keep up the activity, that was missing .”

Sane: “He’s on the pitch right now, training alone. That’s positive.”

Spain: “I haven’t seen the game yet. I’ll do that today, then I’ll be able to tell if I was impressed.”

Why no sweeper? Chain of three conceivable? “We haven’t gotten that far yet to change our system. Süle has trained well. If you have 2-3 top-class players, you have to close the game. We lacked this efficiency and made too many mistakes in the back. That affects everyone Team. Those things are clearly addressed internally, it’s important for the team.”

Neuer in goals conceded and the shoulder: “I’m not aware that he has any problems. He’s in top form. We can and must prevent goals differently. Everyone has to do their job. We didn’t do a few things well in terms of tactics.”

The quality: “Everyone can always develop. You’re never at the end of your potential, the team has potential, which they’re not quite exploiting right now. But we’re positive and want to approach the game in Spain that way too. Defeats have to be processed in order to to have focus.”

Kimmich as right-back: “You can really expect us to discuss every person and every position. We do that before every game. It’s our job as a coaching team to put the team together in the best possible way.” It’s also about the individual matchups in terms of changes.

Defensive Stability: “You need every man on offense and defense. We couldn’t achieve the compactness we wanted, especially in the last 20 minutes. When you’re 1-0 up, you have to play something like that home.”

Missing leaders: “We can do a lot of things better, it takes courage and character to show yourself. We have to make our game better, every single one – and take part in the game more.”

Flick is here: “Last night we went through the game in the coaching team and analyzed many scenes. If you go into detail, it wasn’t enough. We have to turn the screws and do things better. We don’t have a free shot anymore, we had the miss .”

Before start: How is the mood in the DFB district in Qatar now? How does Flick react to the defensive mistakes that started the defeat against Japan? The answers will be available from 10 a.m.

Before start: The performance of the national team caused harsh criticism in the media, including Bastian Schweinsteiger and two stars of the DFB team. Meanwhile, Dietmar Hamann also criticized Flick for his squad composition.

Before start: Already on Sunday the DFB team has to fight for the last chance to reach the round of 16. In the event of a defeat against Spain (from 8 p.m. in LIVETICKER) and the Japanese winning a point against Costa Rica, Germany would certainly have been eliminated from the World Cup.

Before start: National coach Flick will have to ask himself critical questions about the botched start of the World Cup against Japan, after the 2-1 draw against Japan the German national team is already under a lot of pressure.

Before start: Welcome to today’s press conference of the DFB team with Hansi Flick from Qatar. It starts at 10 a.m. German time.

DFB team: Press conference of the national team today live in the live stream

As usual, the press conference of the DFB team with national coach Flick will be broadcast live on the Internet. Among other things, the DFB shows the media round live on DFB TV.

World Cup 2022 – Group E with Germany: The schedule

date time Team A Team B transmission result
November 23 14 o’clock Germany Japan ARD, MagentaTV 1:2
November 23 17 o’clock Spain Costa Rica ARD, MagentaTV 7-0
November 27th 11 clock Japan Costa Rica ZDF, MagentaTV
November 27th 8 p.m Spain Germany ZDF, MagentaTV
December 01 8 p.m Costa Rica Germany ARD, MagentaTV
December 01 8 p.m Japan Spain MagentaTV

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