World Cup 2022: Eden Hazard’s form causes scandal in Belgium

The Belgian team was beaten (1-2) by Egypt for its last match before the 2022 World Cup. And Eden Hazard finds himself caught in an international controversy.

Before facing Canada next Wednesday for their entry into the running in the 2022 World Cup, the Belgian team offered themselves a last trial run on Friday against Egypt. And it’s an understatement to say that the Red Devils have disappointed their supporters, in particular Eden Hazard who appeared out of form and totally off the mark when the Belgians are obviously counting on him. 24 hours later, the Real Madrid player is demolished, especially in his own country where a photo published by the official account of the Belgian Federation on social networks has set fire to the powder. On this image broadcast at halftime of the match against Egypt, we can think that Eden Hazard has a few extra pounds to see his rounded shapes in the jersey of the national team. And if the press did not want to fire too much red balls, without however sparing the Madrid player, next to the plate, the Belgian fans were virulent.

The Belgian federation places Eden Haard in dirty sheets

And in response to the Belgium team’s initial message, it went wild against Eden Hazard. ” Please get Hazard off the pitch », « Not very fit Hazard », « Veterans CMD. The various Ecolos have nothing to fear, they will return quickly to Belgium and therefore not too much pollution », The caustic remarks are numerous and the Spanish press also gets involved, taking up the cause of Real Madrid, which has put the Belgian player in the closet. ” His face also shows it with excess fat, more than usual for an elite Real Madrid footballer who is going to play in a World Cup. “, writes Aritz Gabilondo, journalist of the Spanish sports daily close to the Merengue. Belgian media The evening summarizes the situation in one headline: The Devils worry and Eden Hazard even more “. Before hoping to win the World Cup in Qatar, Roberto Martinez, coach of Belgium, obviously has a little work.

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