World Cup 2022: Bruno Fernandes destroys the World Cup in Qatar

Present in the list of Fernando Santos to play the World Cup with Portugal, Bruno Fernandes will fly to Qatar this week dragging his feet.

In general, the expectation around a World Cup is always important, especially when the selections increase in pressure with friendly matches and a classic preparation with a few weeks of training. But this year, the World Cup in Qatar does not put the crowd in delirium. It must be said that football fans will go from club matches to the World Cup in the space of a few days, as the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador will take place next Sunday in Doha. Enthusiasm for the moment limited, even with some players who are not very excited about the idea of ​​​​playing a World Cup in November-December for the first time in history. This is particularly the opinion of Bruno Fernandes.

“Not the best time to play a World Cup”

“It’s not the best time to play a World Cup. For everyone, players and fans, this is not the best time. The children will be in school, people will be working and the times will not be the best for watching the matches. We know what has happened in recent weeks, in recent months, the people who died during the construction of the stadiums. We are not happy with that at all.”, swung the Portuguese midfielder from Manchester United in front of the press last weekend. A potentially temporary spleen, because once in the competition and if Portugal has the chance to aim for its first world title with Cristiano Ronaldo at its head, Bruno Fernandes will be much more excited about this World Cup in Qatar. But in the meantime, the Portuguese more or less shares the opinion of all football followers, who don’t really have the World Cup in mind at the moment…

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