World Cup 2022: Beer serving at the World Cup in Qatar: Is there a ban on alcoholic beverages at the World Cup 2022?

The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar has already attracted a lot of controversy before the start of the tournament. Now the focus is also on serving beer. Will there be a ban on alcoholic beverages at the World Cup this winter?

Long before even the opening match of the forthcoming World Cup was played in Qatar, the Gulf state host was criticized for a number of reasons. From allegations of corruption in procurement to violations of human rights in relation to migrant workers to punishment for homosexual acts, there are several areas of concern. And there is another unusual measure at the major event.

Beer serving at the World Cup in Qatar: will there be a ban on alcoholic beverages at the 2022 World Cup?

The serving of beer will be banned during the games. What is the most normal thing in the world in most European stadiums is handled differently in Qatar. Since Islam plays a major role in Qatar, serving and drinking alcohol in public is generally prohibited and only permitted in restaurants. Foreigners who want to buy alcohol in a shop must firstly be older than 21 years, secondly they need a fee-based permit and must also live in Qatar.

At the World Cup, spectators in the stands will not be allowed to drink alcoholic beer. “Following talks” between the authorities in Qatar and FIFA, “a decision was made to no longer allow the sale of alcoholic beverages” at the eight World Cup stadiums, according to a statement. Non-alcoholic beer from the Budweiser brand, one of FIFA’s biggest sponsors, is “unaffected”, writes FIFA, and “will continue to be available in all Qatar World Cup stadiums.” Budweiser himself doesn’t seem too keen on this, tweeting: “Well, that’s embarrassing…”.

Beer in Qatar – a huge topic for years. Actually, there should be alcoholic beer in special sales tents at the stadiums before and after the games – but not during them. Qatar and the World Football Association only agreed on this in September.

Initially, however, Budweiser, FIFA’s exclusive beer sponsor, was asked under pressure from the Qatari ruling family to move the planned sales tents to less conspicuous locations in the stadiums – then the complete ban followed. On the other hand, there will be beer at the big fan festival in Al Bidda Park in the center of Doha, but only from 6:30 p.m. local time. Budweiser is set to pay FIFA around $75 million for a four-year World Cup cycle.

World Cup 2022 in Qatar: schedule at a glance

game round meeting
group stage November 21st to December 2nd
round of 16 3rd to 6th December
Quarterfinals December 9th and 10th
semifinals 13 and 14 December
Match for third place December 17th
final December 18th

World Cup 2022 in Qatar: The groups at a glance

Germany have been drawn into Group E and face Spain, Japan and the CONCACAF/OFC playoff winners, who will be either Costa Rica or New Zealand. So the DFB team has the opportunity to take revenge for the 0: 6 debacle against Spain two years ago in the Nations League.

Germany’s third group opponent will be determined on June 14 when fourth-placed CONCACAF Costa Rica and first-placed OFC New Zealand meet at Ahmed bin Ali Stadium in ar-Rayyan, Qatar.

Group A
Group B
United States
Group C
Saudi Arabia
Group D
Group E
Costa Rica
Group F
Group G
Group H
South Korea

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