Worker is late for work and has to dance caporales as punishment

Sometimes, people who arrive late to their workplaces are punished in different ways. In Peru, a worker had to dance caporales in front of his colleagues for arriving outside the established schedule and the video was made viral in TikTok.

The clip was posted on his TikTok account by the user , who works in a company dedicated to the execution of infrastructure works. In the images, a man is seen in the midst of his companions, getting ready to perform a dance.

“When you’re late and the inge’ (work engineer) says: just dance,” reads the user’s description.

As the worker indicates, his partner arrived late and had to receive a unique punishment: to dance caporales, a folk dance practiced in the Altiplano by Bolivia, Peru and Chile.

Surprised with his steps

Far from being intimidated, the worker performed the choreography of “Soy caporal”, the song of the Bolivian group Tupay, and surprised with his steps. Some of his classmates applauded the worker’s dance performance, while others dedicated themselves to recording the moment with their cell phones.

“This compa’ does know her,” the young user wrote in the description.

“That’s called attitude”

The video was published last Wednesday and, to date, has exceeded 253,000 views, in addition to 13,000 likes.

Users highlighted the attitude of the worker and, above all, his ability to dance. “He left the engineer quiet”, “That he is always late, his dance is excellent”, “I call that attitude. Well there, taking the prohibited steps ”, were some of the comments.

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