Woody Allen refuses – doesn’t want to retire anyway

“My plan is not to make more films, but instead to focus on writing stories. And now I’m thinking of writing a novel.’

This is what Woody Allen told the Spanish media La Vanguardia, who understood the quote as if the controversial filmmaker chose to retire after his next film, ‘Wasp 22’.

But according to 86-year-old Woody Allen, he has been misunderstood.

It writes Sky News.

A spokesman for Woody Allen has therefore stated the following:

“Woody Allen never said he wanted to retire as a filmmaker, nor did he say he wanted to write a short story.”

According to the spokesman, it is a misunderstanding. Woody Allen reportedly thought he was done making movies that could be streamed online shortly after the premiere, as he believes it is ruining film culture.

Woody Allen loves the cinema experience very much.

Woody Allen is known for films such as ‘Manhatten’, ‘Annie Hall’, ‘Midnight in Paris’ and ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’.

He has also won four Oscar statuettes.

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