“Woo, an extraordinary lawyer”, the Netflix k-drama, will lose one of its protagonists


netflix k-drama, Woo, an extraordinary lawyer, is one of the most watched series today. But, despite the success, one of its protagonists will abandon fiction.

The protagonists of Woo, an extraordinary lawyer
© IMDBThe protagonists of Woo, an extraordinary lawyer

Netflix k-dramas they always turn out to be the most chosen of the spectators. These types of creations, brought directly from Korea, quickly become a sensation due to their unique plots. In fact, that is why the streaming giant continues to bet on them and on July 13 they launched, worldwide, Woo, an extraordinary lawyer. This fiction has a total of 16 episodes that are released gradually.

That is, for the moment, Woo, an extraordinary lawyer It even released its eighth episode, but the others are still missing. Still, despite the fact that it is incomplete, the series is an unstoppable fury to the point that it is first in the top 10 of the most reproduced. What’s more, it leads the ranking with a total of 65,630,000 hours watched worldwide, although this number could quickly increase.

Well, this Wednesday, August 10, chapters nine and ten arrive, which implies new reproductions for Woo, an extraordinary lawyer. However, the truth is that a piece of news has just ruined the expectations of the fans. This is because It was recently revealed that Kang Tae-oh, who plays Lee Junho, the protagonist’s love interest, could leave fiction sooner than expected..

It is still unknown if it will be for this season or for the second, but the truth is that the actor has just reached the age of majority to enlist in the army. In Korea, all healthy men between the ages of 18 and 24, regardless of profession, must serve two years in the military. In fact, the actor is required to serve a total of 18 months in the military, starting in late August or early September and ending in 2024.

According to the agency Man of CreationKang Tae-oh”originally, he had intended to enlist in the UDT or the marines. However, he chose to enlist as a regular active duty soldier.”. In any case, for the peace of mind of the fans, everything indicates that the first season has already finished filming and the actor would appear in all the episodes.

However, in the event that there is a second edition of Woo, an extraordinary lawyer, the presence of this interpreter cannot be counted on. That, of course, if Netflix decides to make the new episodes just when the artist is in the middle of his military service. That is why, for now, we will have to see what turn the story takes and how it surprises its viewers.

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