Wonwoo chose his SEVENTEEN bias, who is he?

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo is one of the funniest members of the group, and his choice of bias made CARAT laugh a lot.

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SEVENTEEN has idols full of talent and charisma who have managed to completely woo millions of fans Throughout the world, their songs, performances and personalities stand out for many fans who cannot stop adoring them.

Wonwoo is one of the rappers of this group who has managed to completely captivate CARAT who soon becomes Wonwoorideul by choosing this idol as his bias in SVT, and it is that with his different charms, talents and characteristics he has managed to win over many fans individually.

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But what will it take to win the heart of Jeon Wonwoo? This is a question that many people from CARAT could be done and there are lucky fans who can express their doubts to the idol through video calls.

At one of SEVENTEEN’s fancalls, a fan asked Wonwoo about his bias in the group and the response was unexpected and very funny.

Who would be Wonwoo’s bias in SEVENTEEN?

For the promotions of Attacca, SEVENTEEN’s latest mini album, the K-Pop group has made fansings online where they can connect with their fans and chat for a while, during one of these fancalls, CARAT asked Wonwoo about who would be his bias in the band and his response was very funny.

The bias de Wonwoo In SVT it would be Wonwoo, the idol chose himself, LOL, CARAT did not expect this answer and many fans laughed out loud, won He’s the perfect boy and he knows it.

  • Wonwoo chose himself as his bias in SEVENTEEN | Twitter: @wonsoonwoo

What good taste it has Wonwoo, LOL, so even he would be a part of his Wonwoorideul fandom, it’s best to realize that this SEVENTEEN rapper has a lot of self-respect.

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Wonwoo has the best interactions with CARAT in fancalls

A video call with an idol is a dream for many fans and SEVENTEEN has fulfilled this for CARAT through many. fancalls where won he has very cute interactions with his fans, doing different dynamics or giving them words of encouragement when they need it.

  • Wonwoo giving CARAT the best words in an online fansing | Twitter: @ yveslove11

Wonwoorideul’s love is well reciprocated by Jeon Wonwoo who always tries to show all her affection for her fans in her own way.

But CARAT will not forget when Wonu rejected his love proposal during another video call, how did he reply to his fan’s confession?

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