Wonho will go to military service, thus confirming his enlistment

Both Wonho and Highline Entertainment shared messages revealing the details of the enlistment of this K-Pop idol, his military service will begin before the end of the year, so the Open Mind interpreter dedicated a letter to his fans.

This year many South Korean celebrities who are famous around the world have announced their enlistment to fulfill their military serviceamong them we find several idols of K-Pop and wonho It is one of them.

Wonho announces his enlistment for military service. | Source: Instagram @iwonhoyou

Due to the age and date of birth of the idolthe fans knew that the enlistment de Wonho should be close, but now the news has been confirmed by both him and his company, what do we know about it?

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When does Wonho’s military service start and where is he going to do it?

Highline Entertainment released a statement on this issue and said that Wonho’s military service will begin on December 5 of 2022, that being his enlistment date.

In addition, they announced that this singer He will be serving as a public service worker while on duty, so fans were asked to cheer him up and wait until he is back.

Wonho announces his enlistment for military service. | Source: Instagram @iwonhoyou

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Wonho wrote a letter to announce his enlistment and return date

the singer of kpop Wrote one letter for WENEE that was published in Fancafe, it was there that the singer announced that this will be the first Christmas in which he will be a little away from the fans because he will be doing his military service.

I will return again to the gates of WENEE, the place where I belong, my home, my everything.

Wonho announces his enlistment for military service. | Source: Instagram @iwonhoyou

Furthermore, Wonho announced that he will be discharged from the military around the date of his solo debut anniversary:

In the summer of next year (2024), the day I first sang for WENEE. That same day, I will meet WENEE again, just as cool as that day.

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