Wonderful places in Colombia that inspired Encanto, the new Disney movie

As well as Coco it captivated the whole world when it was released, Charm proposes to viewers to emulate that success that produced that emotional film. Disney she has the ability to create witty stories with a touch of sweetness, and in recent years, she has also had the luxury of exploring different cultures and customs.

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And, without a doubt, with Charm He has done it again. The film is inspired by the traditions, geography, flora and fauna of Colombia. Still life of Mirabel and his Madrigal family, who live in the mountains in a beautiful and magical house. Each of these characters will make you enjoy and appreciate life in a way that you would never have imagined before.

The creators of the film, who among them are three of the filmmakers of Zootopia, another great Disney hit, Byron Howard, Jared Bush y Clark Spencer, They took several months to soak up the Colombian culture and every detail that makes this country so special.

Of course, the film is inspired by several of the most wonderful tourist places that Colombia has today. In fact, during the development process, producers traveled there and toured a large number of cities. One of the first was Bogota, Colombia’s capital. The interesting thing about this city is that it mixes modernity with tradition. In fact, if you go you will come across ultra-technological buildings as well as museums and more traditional constructions that immerse anyone in a journey through time.

They traveled, in turn, Cartagena, an unmissable tourist destination in Colombia recognized for its imposing beaches and, in addition, it surprises for its incredible history and for the emblematic Walled City where you can see houses and small stores of colonial style and super colorful. In this same sense, they visited Barichara, a city known for its churches and 15th century architecture. Cobbled streets, blue sky, mountains. It is said to be one of the most beautiful towns in Colombia.

Charm it also has something of Salento, a municipality located west of Bogotá and known for its coffee farms, one of the themes that, of course, the film touches. It is also inspired by Palenque and the Cocora Valley, which has the most striking palm forest in all of Latin America.

The next Disney film has a 100% Colombian cast for the voices of the characters, led by Olga Lucia Vives. They also participate Angie Cepeda, Carolina Gaitán, Alejando Riaño andMaluma. While, Carlos Vives and Sebastian Yatra perform the original songs composed by no less than Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Charm the November 25 in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina while in Spain the November 26.

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