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  • Councilor husbands participate in finance committee meeting, husbands of many councilors themselves sign
  • Many women councilors have not come to the meeting of the house for a long time, they have complained many times before.
  • After the suspension of SE, the voices of protest arose, so the entry of their relatives was banned

Even though seats have been reserved for women in the assembly elections, panchayat and municipal elections, even today women have not been able to come out from the guise of chulha-chouka and veil even after their selection. Here we are talking about the women municipal councilors of the city. For 4 years, it is working only like a rubber stamp. Her husband, son or father-in-law are active in every meeting. Now after the suspension of SE, the matter caught fire, so the entry of these relatives of the councilors has been stopped in the meetings of the corporation.

This is the condition of women councilors
Mithlesh Barwal, female councilor from ward number one But his father-in-law Naresh Barwal has been seen most of the time in corporation offices and meetings. Shakuntala Yadav has hardly participated in any meeting from ward two, her husband Rakesh Yadav keeps on coming for every meeting and with officials for estimate and ward work. Rimple Yadav from Ward 5 Sometimes she comes to the meeting of the house. Her husband, former Mayor Vimal Yadav, keeps in touch with the officials.

Ward 9 Senior Deputy Mayor Promila Kabalana The husband of former councilor Gaje Kabalana has come several times in meetings with the corporation officials. From ward ten, Mangatram Bagri, the father-in-law of Councilor Sheetal Bagri, gets the work done for the ward. Ward 16 to Madhu Batra And her husband, former senior deputy mayor Yashpal Batra, both attend the meeting. Whereas most of the corporation officers meet Yashpal Batra.

Ward 17 to Rajni Sawhney She also participates in the meeting, but her husband, former councilor Dalip Sahni, is interfering in the corporation. Councilor Sunita Yadav from Ward 22 Her husband Neeraj Yadav is seen only. In the last house meeting, Neeraj Yadav had a heated argument with SE Ramesh Sharma and Chief Engineer TL Sharma. He has already participated in many house meetings of the corporation.

The officers of the Municipal Corporation have been ordered to make office decorations. Along with this, orders have been issued for the participation of only the councilors in the house or other meetings.

Mukesh Kumar Ahuja, Corporation Commissioner

Praveen Lata from Ward 26 Instead her husband Rakesh Yadav has attended most of the house meetings. Sudesh Rani from Ward 27 Councilor, but her husband Udaybir lives ahead. Councilor Sunita Yadav from Ward 33 Deputy Mayor. But her husband former sarpanch Anil Yadav has full command of the deputy mayor’s office. Here most of the councilors can also be seen every day taking sips of tea.

Aarti Yadav from Ward 32 Participates in the meeting, her husband Anil Yadav gets the ward work done with the officers from Chief Engineer to SE, EXEN in the corporation. Ward 35 to Kusum Yadav The father-in-law of the former sarpanch Leelu Yadav remains more active. Ward 15 to Seema Pahuja She is the only councilor who herself attends every meeting.

his son no less than the mayor
Mayor Madhu Azad There is interference in every meeting of Puru’s son. During the meeting held in Heepa, he was not only roaming around with government files in front of all the top officials including the corporation commissioner, but also went on stage in the meeting to say something in his mother’s ears several times. It was discussed a lot. Apart from this, even the Chief Engineer, SE, EXEN can be seen giving orders to the son of the Mayor. The corporation officials have already complained about this to their higher officials.

this is the rule
Haryana Municipal Act 1994 According to this, apart from the house meeting of the Municipal Corporation, only the municipal councilors can participate in other meetings with the officers of the corporation and not their husband, father-in-law or other relatives. Apart from this, if the councilor does not participate more than 3 times in a house meeting, his membership can be canceled.

His son talking to the mayor in the middle of a house meeting

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