Woman who passed out while driving meets the heroes who rescued her

A group of people recently taught the world a lesson by their heroics: they came together to rescue a woman who had lost consciousness on a busy highway in USA. The images of the rescue were made viral on social networks and users highlighted the good hearts of the drivers. Today, already recovered, the sixty-year-old and the good Samaritans staged an emotional meeting. I know the details of the history.

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Laurie Rabyor Not only did she have the best Mother’s Day, but she also received an unparalleled gesture from people who, despite not knowing each other, came together for a single purpose: to save her life.

On May 5, the 63-year-old woman was driving home from work at Shading Source. However, when she reached the intersection in Boynton Beach, Florida, she unexpectedly lost consciousness.

His vehicle, as captured by the security cameras, continued to circulate recklessly, very close to dozens of other units. The Hispanic Jannette Rivera, who has been working with Laurie for three years, realized what happened after the alert of a driver, according to what she told .

When I see her going from the right side to the left side, and that other cars were going to hit her, I parked the car where a friend was and I ran away. I didn’t think of myself.” said the woman, who has been described on social networks as the main heroine of the rescue.

In the video released by the Boynton Beach Police Department, Jannette is seen trying to reach her partner’s car. She barely accomplishes her purpose, she bangs on the car window to alert Laurie of the danger, but gets no response. It is at this moment that she desperately signals for other drivers to help her.

the other heroes

Without thinking twice, a group of drivers got out of their vehicles and helped the Hispanic woman stop Laurie’s car. Then, thanks to a dumbbell given by one of the rescuers, it was possible to open the window of the sixty-year-old’s car and revive her.

Laurie’s vehicle, it should be noted, was taken by the group of people to a nearby convenience store so that the woman could be treated safely.

Until April 13, their names were unknown, but today the Boynton Police Department released their identities: Juan Chavez, Jr., Michael Edelstein, David Formica, DaVida Peele, Marko Bartolone and Muriel Vaughns.

Juan Chavez is a sergeant with the United States Army Staff and is distinguished in the video by running to the other lane to help Jannette, according to WPBF.

DaVida Peele, another of the good Samaritans, is a member of the United States Postal Service who delivered the cufflink of his car so that with it they can open the window of the sixty-year-old.

Nurse Robin Fox also stands out in the group, who gave first aid to the woman until the arrival of firefighters.

forever grateful

All of these individuals were honored today by the Boynton Police Department in a moving ceremony. Besides. Laurie Rabyor was able to meet her heroes, the people of “different nationalities and religions” who came together to help the “little old lady”, he said.

I would like to be a millionaire. I would buy them all a boat or a house. I don’t know how to thank you. I have no words. I don’t know what to say except ‘thank you’. And I give them a hug as if I had hugged them all week”, he limited to the media.

The last thing Laurie Rabyor remembered that day, according to WPBF, was that she did not feel well at work and that, when she regained consciousness, she was in a hospital.

During the emotional ceremony, Laurie Rabyor posed with the cufflink that her heroes used to open her vehicle. “I have the dumbbell,” she joked before the attendees. (Photo: Boynton Beach Police Department).

Three recommendations to act in case of a traffic accident

If you suffer a traffic accident or witness one, keep these recommendations in mind.

  1. Secure the scene: Turn on the warning lights and place the red triangle at a moderate distance from the damaged vehicle.
  2. Seek help: contact the fire station.
  3. If there is an injured person, talk to them and try to prevent them from losing consciousness. If he is unconscious take his vital signs but do not move him for any reason. In case of a deep wound, the important thing will be to maintain pressure on the place where the hemorrhage is present.

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