Woman shows how to use a shoe rack: you will save space and everything will look more organized

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Joanne is a woman who, according to The Sun, lives in the UK and has 4 children. She has won praise from many users of TikTok in the last days. And it is that in your account (@cleanwithjoanne) posted a video where he showed the correct way to use a shoe rack. If you follow his advice, you will save space and everything will look neater!

The clip in question was released at the beginning of June. This recording shows how her mother arranged all her shoes and slippers, placing them through the posts of the shoe cabinet that sit at an angle.

This way, Joanne leaves enough room for more pairs of shoes. Also, with the way you position them, everyone is less likely to fall as they look safer. The trick, as you can see, is simple and very effective.

It is for this reason that many users of TikTok They have been delighted with the method. Internet users do not tire of pointing out how great it is, in addition to applauding the ingenuity of the woman. They assure that they will apply the trick anyway.

What do you tell us? Did you already know this way of using a shoe rack? Will you tidy up your shoes and slippers like Joanne? Tell us in the comments. The video of the woman aims to be one of the most reproduced of the month.

What is a viral video?

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How many views does it take for a video to go viral?

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