Woman shows her controversial secret to remove her manicure: sets fire to her nails

A woman from Russia has caused intense controversy after becoming trend of social networks What Instagram Why? Well, the influencer has exposed a shocking, but controversial secret to be able to remove her manicure: set her nails on fire without this taking a long time, which is why Internet users have been divided, where some support her, while others have criticized her harshly.

a fire of terror

The content creator is called Lyubovhave 22 years and lives in the city of yaroslaviwho has been giving a lot to talk about for the extreme makeup trick that she shares with great pride.

The post is from the past 1st of July and is close to reaching 1 million “I like itin which it shows the old enamel, supposedly on fire, whose message reads as follows: “How does your manicurist remove your old nail polish?”to then place a forceful, but short: “fake fire”.

Celebrity Likes

The video has reached the least expected people, to the point that the popular American singer billie eilish gave him a resounding and forceful “I like it” that has been fascinated like thousands of users who did not hesitate to show their divided opinions in the comment box.

receives harsh criticism

“Somebody make sense of this”, “Oh yes, she must be crazy! I am not trying to harm myself or anyone in any way do you know the horrible things that could go wrong? People who don’t have hands don’t have the use of their fingers. Have we used them to set them on fire? in reality?”.

Others showed up “worried” for the health of influencer: “Am I the only one trying to put out the fire so he doesn’t get hurt?”, “those were some nice nails”, “damn I accidentally set my nail on fire once and it was so painful, my nails were about the same length”.


даю тиктоку второй шанс…как вам результат?

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Why did he set his nails on fire?

For its part, the portal contacted Lyubov who told how he came up with this idea: “I accidentally set the nail on fire when I lit a candle and noticed that my nails burned well (…) I had an appointment for a manicure, and since the master and I are on good terms, I suggested that he shoot a video”he detailed.

And sentenced with: “Honestly, I did not expect this video to be recommended and get 10 million views. But, I am very happy about this, because for me, as a blogger, it is great”.

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