Woman: meet actress Seray Kaya’s mother, the remembered Sirin in Kadin

What is inherited is not stolen. The actress Seray Kaya who is part of the cast of the successful Turkish soap opera “Kadin” or also known as “Woman”, Has become one of the most recognized artists in her country due to her great talent in the world of acting. Currently, she dazzles with her beauty that she inherited from her mother.

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To the actress Seray Kaya She has been rated as one of the most beautiful women in Turkish soap operas. Apparently, this characteristic is not the product of chance because in social networks it has been possible to know her mother by name Nilufer Kaya.

That is why users of social networks and the thousands of fans and followers of the artist have linked the beauty of the actress with the characteristics of her mother who they also consider a beautiful woman.

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It is necessary to specify that Seray Kaya, in addition to belonging to the cast of “Woman“He has also participated in productions such as”My Husband’s Family“, the Serie “Establishment Osman“, among other.


The actress Seray Kaya He is a very active person in social networks, a space where he used his Instagram to introduce his mother Nilufer Kaya and where he received thousands of compliments and congratulations for having inherited the sympathy of his mother.

It was so Nilufer Kaya drew the attention of thousands of fans and social media users who told Seray Kaya that “her beauty took her from her mother”.

On your Instagram social network Seray Kaya published a video where his mother appears fixing her long black hair. He is also seen wearing a blue shirt and a scarf.

This video has already exceeded 32 thousand reproductions and users from different countries in their respective languages ​​have greeted the actress for having a beautiful mother.


Seray Kaya also known as the actress with the red curls is part of the successful telenovela “Woman“(” Kadin “, in its original language) where he plays Sirin, a character who became known in the Turkish production for presenting a girl with psychological problems and toxicity.

With that personality he also intends to obtain his objectives under any modality. In addition, he has a fixation for Sarp Çeşmeli, his stepfather; and with Bahar, his half-sister, with whom he does not get along.


Seray Kaya was born on February 4, 1991 in Istanbul (Turkey). Before becoming an actress, she worked as a professional makeup artist in a beauty center; however, her greatest desire was always acting.

Thus, he studied at a drama school for four years. His passage through Centro Cultural Sadri Alışık they bore fruit. In 2012 was the date when he made his debut in the world of acting by making his appearance in the series “Peaceful street” where he played the character of Rezzan.

Over the years he continued to participate in various productions and currently in his 30s Seray Kaya She is grateful for all that she has accomplished professionally.


Until a few weeks ago, Seray Kaya She still wore the characteristic curls of her character in “Woman”, with some slight changes in tone, which still brought her closer to Sirin’s image. However, a short time later he decided to completely break with that bond and he chose to cut his bangs.

How it looks? Well, undoubtedly great. No one could deny that the actress is a very beautiful woman, and cutting her hair that way makes her look even more adorable and youthful. Here is the evidence for it.


“People who love me almost everywhere congratulated me, but those who didn’t, got up from their tables and yelled at me saying they hated me,” said the actress who plays Sirin in the Turkish soap opera starring Ozge Ozpirincci.

Despite the insults and negative comments she received for Sirin’s actions in the melodrama, Seray Kaya he fondly remembers that character: “Sirin has remained etched in my memory and I will be grateful to him for the rest of my life.”

Previously, he also said that he did not hesitate for a second to accept the antagonistic in “Woman”, Since he was immediately attracted to the personality of ‘Sirin’, although his behavior is totally different from hers.

“Even my friends told me that they hated me, and they asked me what I had done with good old Seray. That made me feel great, “said the actress.


“Mahkum” is the new Turkish series that will star actor Onur Tuna, who became known for playing Dr. Ferman in “Doctor Miracle.” In addition, this production will feature the participation of actress Seray Kaya, who gave life to Sirin in “Woman.”

All preparations are underway for the making of “Mahkum”, the new series produced by MF Yapim for the Fox TV channel Prisoner / Mehkum. The project will be directed by Volkan Kokatürk and will feature screenwriter Usras Gunnes.

“Mahkum” is the Turkish adaptation of the popular Korean drama “Innocent Defendant.” The new series will begin filming very soon and the renowned actors Onur Tuna and Seray Kaya will coincide on the recording set.

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