Woman makes a mistake with the pedal and drives her car into her own home: damage is extensive, facade needs to be propped up


The fire brigade had to prop up a house in Koekelare on Wednesday evening after a woman wanted to park her car in the driveway, but may have mistaken the pedal or made a wrong maneuver. The car sped forward and slammed into the front of her own house. The damage is great.

There was a big hole in the wall. © jhm

The incident occurred on Wednesday evening at 9.10 pm in the Moerewegel in Koekelare. The driver of a Jaguar I-Pace had come home and wanted to park in her driveway. What happened next is not entirely clear, but perhaps the woman made a wrong move and made a mistake with the pedal. The car suddenly shot forward and drove through a small front yard with two low hedges. The car then crashed into the facade of her own home. The damage was immediate. There was a hole in the facade and a window was hanging completely loose. The woman was not injured in the impact and there were no casualties in the house either. The fire department was called to come and prop up the facade. By the time the fire brigade arrived, the damaged Jaguar had already backed up on the driveway. The heavy car was probably still drivable enough to move it away from the facade.

Connector electric car

“When we arrived, the car was indeed back on the driveway,” says fire captain Dries Depreitere of the Koekelare post. “We saw that it was an electric model. That’s why we immediately inspected whether there was a fire hazard and whether smoke was coming out of the battered bonnet. This appeared to not be the case. We immediately disconnected the main connector that is connected to the battery so that no problems arose there. That battery may not be in the front of the car, but you never know. Then we cleaned up the bricks on the house. The car hit the front wall at the window and just next to the front door. Behind it is a transverse wall that separates the living room from the entrance hall. It was largely destroyed and we broke down further so that we could prop up the entire construction. Then we closed the facade again.” The Jaguar was towed and the police made the necessary determinations.

The Jaguar also suffered significant damage. © jhm

Jelle Howen

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