Woman is arrested for assaulting a restaurant worker by throwing hot soup in her face

When a woman in a restaurant received an extremely hot soup, instead of asking for a change or her money back, she decided that the best way to deal with the situation was to throw the soup in the face of a restaurant worker, who curiously also it was the manager. Now, she has been jailed for the complaint made by the manager and her case was even featured on television where she exposed her case.

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The event took place in the Mexican food restaurant Sun of Jalisco, located in Texas. The video clip shows how the woman confronts the manager of the place in front of the cashiers and the diners, who observed the violent attitude of the woman.

After a few minutes, as seen in the video, she grabs the soup he was complaining about and threw it in his face, causing quite a stir in the restaurant. The manager only managed to call the police and present a official lawsuit against women.

What exactly happened to the woman and the soup?

The video that went viral on social networks observes the woman confronting the manager of Sol De Jalisco, Jannelle Broland, while behind the cash register around the 1:30 p.m. Domingo, As reported KCEN-TV.

Police said that before entering, the unidentified woman called to complain that the soup she had collected was so hot that it melted the plastic lid. Broland told TMZ who apologized to the customer and offered a full refund or another menu item, but said the woman went crazy when she couldn’t complain to another boss.


I hope this explains it! The video is on @section_8_ page. Again, please refrain from harassing or threatening this woman! Thanks again 💞💞 #menudo #restaurantlife #karen

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My first thought was, ‘What just happened? Why, for example, why is this happening? ‘And I realized that I couldn’t open my eyes and I wiped myself and realized that I was like,’ Wow, she really threw that at me. ‘“, said Broland.

Browland told KWKT that the soup had gotten cold since it was served, but said it was still hot. However, the spices burned the eyes of Browland and caused him two separate nosebleeds,

On Wednesday, the police of Temple arrested Amanda Martinez, from 31 yearYes, after the video of the incident began to go viral the week before. Martínez She was charged with assault that caused bodily harm and was also banned from entering the restaurant.

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