Woman confesses to killing boyfriend in motel and claims self-defense. Find out what happened moments before the murder

Model Marcella Ellen, 31, was arrested after confessing that she killed her fiancé in a motel in Brasilia, on the 9th of this month. According to the woman’s lawyers, she acted in self-defense after a tough fight with Jordan Guimarães.

Marcella and Jordan were at a motel for their wedding the next day. According to the lawyer, the model and the businessman argued because she found out that his daughter was being raped by a relative and wanted him to do something. Jordan was unwilling to do anything and the fight broke out.

Understand how Marcella and Jordan’s day was on the day of the crime

Marcella and Jordan have arrived at the motel and have already begun to argue. According to the lawyer, the two also used drugs, which could have intensified the fight. Then they hired the services of a call boy, who left the motel after being assaulted by Jordan.

The couple continued to argue after the program boy left. Marcella is currently would have called Dial 100 to report the violation of human rights. When trying to call the organ, the model was slapped.

After being assaulted, Marcella took Jordan’s gun from her purse and shot him. The shot hit the man in the right eye. To escape, she used his car, which died on the road due to the insurance block. To continue running, Marcella stole a van, but stopped at a gas station and surrendered to military police. The law graduate is being held in a special cell at the Barro Alto prison (GO). “When I fired the gun with my eyes closed, it was just to scare Jô”, he said in a statement.

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