Wolke Hegenbarth: An expensive detail on your Indian wedding "would be the upper hammer!"

Wolke Hegenbarth and her fiancé Oliver Vaid are currently planning their big wedding, which is to take place in India. There are no concrete bookings yet, but the actress now reveals in an interview which highlight she would like but may not be able to afford.

In March 2020, Wolke Hegenbarth, 41, announced her engagement to Oliver Vaid, 35. But like so many brides, the pandemic has made detailed planning impossible for the actress. In addition, the mother of two-year-old Avis wants to get married in India because her partner is half-Indian. “We hope for 2023,” said Hegenbarth a few weeks ago to “Bild”.

In the “NDR Blitzdate” format, Wolke chatted out of the sewing box and not only revealed her wishes for her wedding, but also revealed sweet details from her everyday life as a mom.

Wolke Hegenbarth: An elephant at your wedding would be “the top hammer!”

The actress is expecting no fewer than 400 guests at her Indian wedding. The “Mein Leben & Ich” actress takes a festival in India, which she attended in 2017, as a model for her big celebration. “The wedding of Oli’s cousin Raman and his wife Noor in New Delhi in 2017. For me the most beautiful wedding of my life,” said Hegenbarth on Instagram. In an interview with NDR she has now revealed that an elephant would be an absolute highlight: “That would be the Oberhammer! But I don’t know whether we can afford it,” explains the 41-year-old with a smile.

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And what about the dance of honor? Cloud Hegenbarth has not yet given any thought to this. What is certain, however, is that the dance floor will surely glow that evening. When asked whether her husband was also a gifted dancer, the actress replied: “Yes and no. So not on the same level, if then rather in the dark club where the music is too loud.” Sounds very appropriate – after all, Wolke also loves “colorful, loud, crazy, chaotic”.

Son Avi makes his mom laugh with cheeky answers

Speaking of loud and chaotic: In addition to the wedding planning, at Wolke Hegenbarth, of course, son Avi comes first, who always sweetened his mum’s everyday life with hilarious moments. It becomes clear that the little one never gets boring. “It’s just funny when he stands in the closet and says: ‘I’m looking for something!’ Or then I call him and then he says: ‘I hear you’ “, Cloud reveals two cute moments from her private life.

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