Wolfgang Joop: He learned that from his shitstorm

Wolfgang Joop
He learned that from his shitstorm

Wolfgang Joop should have “paid more attention” to this before his shit storm.

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Wolfgang Joop had to take criticism for statements about earlier handling of models. Now he has explained how the shit storm came about.

About a week ago, designer Wolfgang Joop (77) came under criticism for his statement on earlier handling of models. In an interview with “Spiegel” he mourned the old days in the fashion world: “This world was so wonderfully frivolous and frigid. Everything was for sale. The agencies gave the keys to the rooms of the models who did not bring so much money, to rich men. ” The fact that he apparently associated the wonderful frivolity of the fashion scene with the sexual exploitation of unsuccessful models caused critical voices.

The statement was meant metaphorically

“My answer, ‘Fashion is no fun without sin’ was meant metaphorically,” said Joop in another statement from the interview in an interview with the “Welt am Sonntag” (“WamS”). “I described the state of the fashion world in the years before the smartphone with all the excesses and this cynical frigidity that prevailed back then. That was it,” said the designer.

You can understand that correctly, but also wrongly, if you want, he should have paid more attention to that, admits Joop. Much worse was that statements had been foisted on him. With the sentence “It is better to have contact with rich men than to sit at the supermarket checkout”, he only reproduced the widespread opinion of the models. However, he was quoted by a daily newspaper as saying what sounded offensive to all cashiers, who, however, had his greatest respect. That he has lost a sense of time is silly. “I was always a child of the times. I will also be at ninety. But the world has adjusted to new topics, you have to accept that.”

After the interview was published, Joop had already stated in an open letter that he wanted to settle the “corruption and frivolity” of the fashion scene of the 1970s and 1980s. The fact that he glorified “sin in the fashion world” in the same breath was what he himself described as “out of place”.

He learned that from Heidi Klum

In the “WamS” interview, Joop also spoke about his jury experience at the model casting show “GNTM”. At the beginning he was a bit strange with his appearance there. “Me, an older man, with all the candidates, you have to find a way that you don’t come across as strange.” He then saw himself in the role of a father’s teacher.

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He was always honest and made it clear to the models that they were constantly being judged by everyone. “In front of and behind your back. You have to be able to endure that.” He was able to learn something from model mom Heidi Klum (48) during the show: “To snap up on command, to be present. Even if that can be very exhausting. creates. It’s almost scary to me. “


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