"Without foundation and without proof, it’s worth nothing!" : the son of Benjamin Castaldi speaks on the case of sexual assault that shakes reality TV!

On Sunday November 14, the images had the effect of a bomb. Instagram account Melty posted a filmed interview with famous reality TV contestant Alix in which she explained that she saw a shocking video where a reality TV contestant forced sex on a 16-year-old girl. “A candidate came to see me. He was at odds with this other candidate. To tell me ‘yes you were right, it’s a shit nanana…’, he showed me a video. It’s a sexual assault video. In the video, there is a 16-year-old girl. The candidate in question tries to put his thing in his mouth. She’s crying. He holds her by the hair and she struggles. She cries, he throws her on the bed and tells her ‘come on, you’re not funny, I’m going to see your girlfriend’“she said.

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Very quickly, suspicion fell on Ilan and the latter also spoke immediately after the broadcast of the testimony. “When his interview came out, a blogger accused me by saying that I was the person Alix is ​​talking about […]. So I went to write to her in private asking her to deny it and say that I am not the person she is talking about. She clearly replied: ‘Illan, I’m talking about you. It was Seb who told me this story and who showed me this video “, explained the one who will be in the cast of the next season of Princes and Princesses of love (W9).

Simon Castaldi clarifies things on Instagram

Tuesday, September 16, a few minutes after Alix’s live testimony in TPMP, Simon Castaldi, son of the famous host, spoke from his Instagram account. “Yes I got carried away with Ilan but I was talking about Marrakech and not the Cross. I was not aware of videos, I have not seen videos.“, says Adixia’s companion.”Without proof it is worth nothing. I heard things from several people, that’s also why I got angry with him during the shooting. Now no formal proof has come out. I had stopped there. Without foundation and without proof, it’s worth nothing!“, concludes the young man.

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