“Without breasts, there is paradise”: Carolina Gaitán, what career did she abandon to become an actress?

What career did he leave Carolina Gaitan? The 37-year-old Colombian actress had a time when she was “the nerd of the class.” His efforts in the classroom came long before “Narcos” and “Sin senos si hay paraíso”, especially the Telemundo telenovela that gave him the fame he enjoys to this day. To get to that point, the natural artist from Villavicencio left the studies she was taking to pursue her dream of being an important figure in acting.

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After the aforementioned television hits, Gaitan is in a new project and with a new character: Lola, from the series “MalaYerba”. She is a journalist that goes after the footsteps of KannaLab, a company that is committed to the sale of medicinal cannabis, which has been legalized in Colombia.

The characters behind this company are Felix, Mariana e Ignacio, who will try their best to prevent Lola discover what’s behind your successful business.

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Next to Carolina Gaitan, are the actors Juan Pablo Urrego, Sebastian Eslava and Maria Elisa Camargo, who have stood out in “Wild District”, “Narcos”, “The Baron”, Among other productions. This fiction has also coincided with a profession that Gaitán left to be an actress.

Carolina Gaitán is at an unbeatable moment in her artistic career. (Photo: Carolina Gaitán / Instagram)


Carolina Gaitan, star of “Without breasts there is paradise”, Left the journalism career to bet everything on the performance. The Colombian actress she said she was a diligent student at the University, long before imagining that he would have a brilliant career in the TV.

Therefore, she gladly accepted the role of Lola, a meticulous reporter that he will seek the truth behind the aforementioned company, even if that puts it in danger more than once during history.

I came to imagine being a great journalist. I managed to do radio and presentation too, so I like the subject. I like it when it is approached in a disciplined and passionate way like Lola does “, the artist explained in a conversation with BioBioChile.


Carolina del Pilar Gaitán Lozano is a Colombian actress and singer 36-year-old who was born in Villavicencio on April 4, 1984.

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Her first participation was in the reality show “Popstars” of the Caracol channel, of which she came out as the winner and was a member of the group Escarcha.

Was the protagonist of the telenovela “Gabriela, turns of destiny”. She also played Catalina Bernabeu in “Isa TK +”, being the main antagonist of this soap opera.

In 2015 she played the role of Nelly Calle in the telenovela “Las Hermanitas Calle”. And that same year and part of 2016 she got the role of Lola Calvo in the Telemundo series “Celia”.

In 2016 she starred in “Without breasts, there is paradise” in the role of Catalina Marín Santana, a character highly remembered by all the followers of the series.


The multifaceted actress debuted in front of the cameras in reality ” Pop Stars ”, as one of the members of the group ”Frost”, When I was 18. Her talent for singing made her stand out among all of them and from there her career was on the rise.

In 2009 he starred in the telenovela ” Gabriela, twists of fate ” and that same year, he participated in the youth series ”Isa TK+” the Nickelodeon. His most recognized works are ” Las Hermanitas Calle ”, ” Celia´´ and ” Without breasts, there is paradise ”.


In the Disney movie “Encanto”, Catalina Gaitán will give her voice to Pepa Madrigal, both in the original version and in Spanish. Her character is Mirabel’s aunt, the protagonist of the story.

She is also one of the triplets of Abuela Alma and is married to Félix, with whom she has three children: Dolores, Camilo and Antonio. Pepa is characterized by being very dramatic and too emotional, but she has a gift, like the rest of his family: your emotions can control the weather.

“Pepa is the one who controls the weather through emotions and she is too nervous and too dramatic, so it is more difficult for her to control her emotions and therefore the weather and everyone is harmed by that, because if she is already nervous, then it rains and it thunders and everyone says please stop “, said the actress in an interview with Mundo Hispánico.

Carolina Gaitán describes her character in “Encanto” as a vulnerable, sweet woman, a very good mother who adores her husband and children.

In a publication on July 8, 2021, the actress told about her new project. “I share with you that I am the voice of Pepa, a magical character in the English version of ‘Encanto’. I am incredibly honored and grateful to be a part of this profound journey with this incredible cast of Disney, showing the true magical realism of our beloved Colombia. I have not only realized my dream since I was a child being part of ‘Encanto’, but also the privilege of portraying the essence par excellence and the true colors of our Colombia. Everyone is invited to the magic of the Madrigal Family! “he wrote on his Instagram.


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