Without a program on TV, Angélica can return to Globo in 2023. See the proposal that the presenter received!

With no program on TV, Angélica can return to Globo to work as an actress in 2023. According to columnist Carla Bittencourt, the presenter is talking to the broadcaster about the possibility of joining the dramaturgy casting.

The first meetings, according to the publication, took place at the end of November. During the conversations, Globo made it clear that there are no plans for Angélica in the presentation due to lack of space in the grid. However, there is interest in having Luciano Huck’s wife in the cast as an actress. Angelica was excited about the idea.

In 2008, Angélica was invited to be the protagonist of the soap opera “Negócio da China”, but did not accept. The presenter has always resisted not working as an actress in more opportunities. With the children already grown, the artist would no longer have reason to refuse the invitation.

How did the proposal come about?

The fact that Angélica participated in “Tarã”, a Disney+ series starring Xuxa Meneghel, contributed to Globo making the proposal. The broadcaster presented some projects that will be produced on open TV and Globoplay this year. The contract would be made per work, as already happened with the artist in 2020.

Angélica had her contract changed to work only for the season. At the end of the deal, she signed with HBO Max, where she ran the “Astral Journey” astrology show.

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