With whom you travel: Lillo, Fabio Rovazzi and Alessandra Mastronardi in the trailer and poster

Lillo, Fabio Rovazzi and Alessandra Mastronardi in the trailer of With whom you travel, a comedy directed by the duo Yonuts !, at the cinema only on 23, 24 and 25 May with Lucky Red.

Lillo, Fabio RovazziMichela De Rossi e Alessandra Mastronardi in the unleashed trailer is in the poster from Who you travel withYouNuts! event film, will be released in cinemas only on 23, 24 and 25 May distributed and produced by Lucky Red, in collaboration with Alamo Audiovisual Quinta Parte, Sky and Amazon.

Directed by the duo YouNuts! composed by Antonio Usbergo and Niccolò Celaia, formerly directed by Sotto il sole di Riccione, Con chi viaggi sees an exceptional cast composed of Lillo, Alessandra Mastronardi, Michela De Rossi and Fabio Rovazzi, here grappling with a colorful on the road comedy noir.

The monster in the crypt, Lillo: “The director told me I would shoot and I accepted immediately”

Four strangers meet thanks to an app to share a road trip. Everything seems to flow normally but reality is not what it seems. Paolo (Lillo) is a restless, nice-looking man who seems to be hiding something. Michele (Fabio Rovazzi) and Anna (Alessandra Mastronardi) hide that they had a past together. Elisa (Michela De Rossi) does not know that she has a very special relationship with Paolo. Between a chat and the other, laughter and twists, an on the road comedy with noir nuances that allows you to explore unexpected human relationships. A journey that turns into an adventure destined to change the lives of all the characters.

Poster of With whom you travel

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