With this casting show, success would have been guaranteed!

With this casting show, singing talents have had the best chance of great success so far! A number of music talent shows have now established themselves in Germany. In addition to DSDS and The Voice of Germany, ambitious singers also had the chance of a career in the music business with the formats X Factor and Popstars. The latter, however, were discontinued a few years ago. But which show could have been really successful?

Last year, the music platform analyzed Qobuz all winners of the named talent shows. It turned out that the first place winners of the show pop stars have had the steepest career on average. Bands like the No Angels or Monrose even landed several number one hits. Also one or the other winner of DSDS already sang its way to the top of the charts. DSDS thus takes second place among the most promising music casting formats. Xfactor occupies the penultimate place, closely followed by The Voice. The favorites of these two shows never made it to the top.

But the most successful casting show winner will probably remain Pietro Lombardi (30). With a total of 20 songs that have already entered the charts, he lands just ahead of the No Angels. Peter is still doing well in the music business and makes no attempt to leave his career behind.

No Angels at the McDonald’s Benefit Gala in Munich in October 2022

ProSiebenSAT.1/Claudius Pflug

Rea Garvey, Paula Dalla Corte and Samu Haber in the final of “The Voice of Germany”
Pietro Lombardi as a juror at DSDS

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