With surprising ending, horror film conquers fans on Netflix

If you enjoy horror movies – especially those set in haunted houses – Deadly Shift is a great suggestion. With a plot full of twists and a really shocking ending, the film is a hit with Netflix subscribers, and becomes a guarantee of scares even for the toughest viewers.

A Netflix original production, Deadly Change – Aftermath in its original title – arrived on the platform in 2021. The horror film is a production by Peter Winther, with a screenplay by Dakota Gorman.

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In its original release in August 2021, the film was very successful on Netflix. For some time, he even appeared in the Top 10 of several countries.

It is worth remembering that the film is recommended for people over 16 years old, due to the scenes of violence and adult themes. See below all about its plot and cast on Netflix.

Discover the plot of Deadly Change on Netflix

“A young couple in crisis move into a house where strange events hide the dark history of the place,” reads the official synopsis of Deadly Change on Netflix.

That is: the feature follows the classic premise of horror movies where the scares happen in a haunted house.

However, the film also presents an interesting commentary on the difficulties experienced by millennials when buying a home.

In the plot of Mortal Change, the couple Natalie and Kevin only accept to move to a house with a “questionable past” due to the irresistible price of the property.

But as they complete the move, as expected, the couple begins to realize that the place’s sinister history isn’t just a thing of the past.

In a scenario where reality and imagination merge, Natalie and Kevin witness bizarre phenomena, face evil presences and do everything they can to avoid the same fate as the former residents.

There’s a Twilight Star: All About the Deadly Shift Cast

The cast of Deadly Change is led by Ashley Greene and Shawn Ashmore as Natalie and Kevin.

Ashley Greene is best known for her performance as vampire Alice Cullen in all of the Twilight Saga films.

Shawn Ashmore, meanwhile, is famous for playing the Iceman in the original X-Men franchise.

Sharif Atkins (ER, White Collar Crimes) rounds out the main cast of Deadly Change as Agent Richardson, a police officer who investigates Natalie and Kevin’s reports.

The cast of Deadly Change also includes Britt Baron, Jamie Jaler, Susan Walters, Ross McCall, Paula Garcés, Sandra Prosper and Juliette Jeffers.

Mortal Change is available in the Brazilian Netflix catalog. Watch the trailer for the movie below.


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