With sentimentality and humor Tom Hanks stars in Grumpy Neighbor, an in-depth look at suicide


Tom Hanks returned to theaters with a grumpy neighbor, a powerful look at suicide and depression. Find out why you should see it.

Tom Hanks in Grumpy Neighbor
© sony picturesTom Hanks in Grumpy Neighbor

Years go by but Tom Hanks he always has a way of proving that he is one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood. Now he adds to his extensive repertoire a grumpy neighbor, a film that has just hit theaters and is literally the ultimate in depression and suicide. With a mixture of sarcastic histrionics and deep feeling, the actor gives the best version of himself, leaving the viewer with a combination of emotion and fun.

a grumpy neighbor follows the life of Otto, a man who lives in a residence in the United States, but has a ruined life after the death of his wife. That is why his only objective is always to judge, criticize, despise his neighbor and get irritated by anything. So much so that many of his neighbors do not consider him while others, in the same way, want him as part of his community.

However, when a Mexican family arrives at the residence where Otto lives and moves right in front of his house, everything changes. Marisol, a pregnant woman, mother of two daughters with a baby on the way, and her husband, Tommy, have become his biggest support. Beyond the fact that at first they are not accepted by the protagonist, they become his family, the one he lacks.

And that’s where it comes into play the deep performance of Tom Hanks. In the first half of the film, the actor shows a depressed character, determined to end his life. Undoubtedly the perfect description of an anti-hero, although loved by all. But then when he meets this Latino family, everything changes because they are his opposite of him, but at the same time they complement him with his joy, innocence and awkwardness.

Secondly Manuel García Rulfo and Mariana Treviño do their thing with their level of innocence, disinterest in everything, but concern regarding their embittered neighbor. However, beyond the performances, if there is something that has stood out from the film, it is the way in which they handle their speeches about depression and suicide.. At no time do they downplay these facts or mental health or the grieving process..

In any case, they add to all the drama and to the narration a necessary fluidity based on sarcastic humor, thus leading to the victimization of the protagonist is empathetic, but from another point of view. That is, among other words, a grumpy neighbor it is not a reflection of loneliness, grief or depression after a loss, but of how love and goodwill are always part of a healing process.

That is why Tom Hanks knows how to draw great parallels by playing with these feelings, just like his castmates Manuel García Rulfo and Mariana Treviño.. So, without a doubt, a grumpy neighbor recounts what, on many occasions, happens with the elderly: how they get up after a process when they are in good company and with their family because, after all, the only thing that one cannot fight is natural death and That is the deepest message that this story leaves.

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