With selfie: Simone Thomallas Neuer makes love public

Simone Thomalla (57) shows her new love to the world! The actress has been in safe hands again for a few weeks: After separating from her long-term partner Silvio Heinevetter (37), she has DJ in Berlin Nicolino Hermano found her new happiness. While she was still covered, he confirmed the relationship indirectly: “Yes, that’s nice with us”. now shared Nicolino the first couple picture with his Simone.

on Instagram he posted a heartfelt selfie of the two: It wears Simone large black sunglasses and hugs her new boyfriend with a smile. Nicolino meanwhile looks coolly at the camera in an open black shirt from under his forehead fringes. “Three, two, one – mine”the 45-year-old wrote happily with a red heart for the snapshot – leaving no doubt about this young love!

As familiar as the two show themselves here, they should also be private with each other: Nicolino I even already have the key to the crime scene detective’s apartment, huh picture reported. They should be together all the time, especially on weekends, and go on lots of trips. “They have a crush, can’t keep their hands off each other”had stressed an insider.

Simone Thomalla in June 2022 in Berlin

Instagram / nicolino_hermano

Nicolino Hermano, DJ
Simone Thomalla, actress

Do you think Simone will soon say something about her new love?

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