"With or without me." : A columnist of Cyril Hanouna threatened with "decapitation", his latest alarm cry on Twitter

This is not the first time that a member of the Touche team not at my post has been the victim of online threats. And unfortunately, neither for Christine Kelly. Two years ago, the columnist posted a disturbing message on Twitter: “Who has survived months or weeks of death threats while working? Thank you for your testimony. It can help “. If she had obtained the support of Marlène Schiappa, then Minister in charge of Citizenship, and many Internet users, it would not have ended her ordeal.

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This November 18, Christine Kelly once again denounced certain unacceptable behavior on Twitter: “The will to see me beheaded, the determination to send it to me by email will not change the ideas of each other. Everyone remains free. With or without me “. A chilling message through which Internet users discover that the journalist is once again the victim of sordid threats, and that she can no longer take it.

However, as soon as she arrived on CNEWS, Christine Kelly had made it clear that she was open to various criticisms concerning her and her work, up to the limit of “death threats. The limits to freedom of expression are the law”. A message that obviously did not go well …

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