With Niels Rodin, a conservatory of citrus fruits and rare fruits unique in Europe is born near Nyon

A nose of raspberry and red fruits with a nice hint of acidity, a ruby ​​color with light bubbles. And in the mouth? We sail somewhere between natural sparkling, cider and pomegranate… We recognize here the zest of madness of Niels Rodin, whose latest creation called “pommoise” was born to enhance old varieties of apples: “On this basis, I I added red berries and tangerine, before vinifying everything like a traditional (organic) cider.»

The citrus grower from Borex (VD), on the heights of Nyon, unveiled his new achievements these days: grown organically, his estate is now entirely powered by renewable energies, a “concern for consistency”. A skilful installation of solar panels, thermal panels and a heat pump protects some 400 varieties of citrus fruits and rare fruits grown in greenhouses and in the ground from frost.

The good news of the day? The citrus farm is open to the public, private individuals and restaurateurs alike, offering direct sales of its numerous and very gourmet specialities. The entrance to the site, on the Arnex road side, has been equipped with a shop area, equipped with a professional kitchen, where citrus lovers who have come to do their shopping will now be welcomed, where workshops, tastings and more will be held. themed meals.

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“The economic model had to be reinvented”

What will we find there? Among the fresh products, it’s the season for yuzus, but also satsumas, these tasty Japanese mandarins, caviar or faustrime lemons, and soon hands of Buddhas and other citrons. Apart from citrus fruits, its own or those labeled from Sicilian or French organic partner estates, there will also be – albeit in limited quantities – ginger or pomegranates. As for processed products, yuzu liqueur remains one of the best-sellers, but between sauces, pommoise and dried tomatoes, even wines from a partner estate in the Luberon, the range is constantly expanding. Orders are still possible via the site.

“The economic model had to be reinvented, explains Niels Rodin, who joined forces with the expertise of the start-up Green Market, at the Agropole de Molondin, in the Jura-Nord vaudois, dedicated to sustainable food. Since the surfaces and the diversity of varieties do not allow it to be profitable, the citrus farm is therefore positioned as a conservatory and research and development center unique in Europe. Eventually, its know-how and skills will be used to promote new crops in Switzerland and beyond, such as yuzu, a remarkable example of acclimatization.

Niels Rodin, visits by appointment. Route d’Arnex 9, Borex. Phone: 022 565 30 70. find all articles in the sectionOne day, an idea“.

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