With Keanu Reeves, John Wick 4 already surpasses the previous ones in a way

Set to hit theaters in 2023, John Wick 4 is one of the most anticipated projects in Keanu Reeves’ career. After all, Parabellum – the third film in the saga – debuted more than 3 years ago. In post-production, Chapter 4 outperforms the previous films in one very important respect.

Currently 58 years old, Keanu Reeves began his career in 1985 with a small part in the movie One Step Away.

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Since then, the star has stood out with films such as Maximum Speed, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Sex Work, Constantine, The Matrix and, of course, John Wick.

We reveal below how John Wick 4, even before its release, already surpasses Keanu Reeves’ previous three films; check out.

John Wick 4 will be the longest film in the franchise

John Wick fans can’t wait for the release of the fourth film in the franchise, which is scheduled for release in 2023.

In a recent interview, director Chad Stahelski revealed that the new project already surpasses previous films in one important aspect: duration.

With Keanu Reeves as the titular protagonist, John Wick 4 will be the longest film in the franchise. The duration, however, was not revealed.

John Wick’s first film from 2014 is 101 minutes long. The second feature, which hit theaters in 2017, has 122 minutes. Parabellum, meanwhile, ends at 131 minutes long.

That is: director Chad Stahelski usually increases the length of John Wick with each release. With that, the fourth film will be the longest in the franchise, clocking in at over 2 hours and 11 minutes.

“I think I’ve watched this latest version of the cut like 100 times. I should see 100 more times by the end of the month. And this is the first version I watch and I don’t get bored. It’s my own movie. I know it’s weird to say this, but I watch it and think, ‘Oh, I’m still intrigued.’ I never feel like it’s time to end it,” explained the filmmaker.

In that sense, everything indicates that John Wick 4 will be an extensive film – but full of emotion and twists at every minute. Keanu Reeves, the interpreter of the protagonist, also approved the final cut.

“Keanu Reeves and I are very close. We watch the movie every week. We have a small group to review the film and check that we are not exaggerating”, commented Stahelski.

According to the director, the public also has everything to approve of the longer duration of John Wick’s adventures.

“I mean, we wrote a longer movie. We wrote a bigger movie. We wrote a longer script. We wrote at least a third more scenes than the last movie. We always expect more”, explained the director.

Little is known about the plot of John Wick 4. Given the preview images and reinforcements in the cast, everything indicates that part of the feature will be set in Japan.

In addition to Keanu Reeves in the lead role, John Wick 4 stars Donnie Yen (Mulan), Bill Skarsgård (It), Hiroyuki Sanada (Westworld), Marko Zaror (Machete) and pop star Rina Sawayama.

John Wick 4 opens on March 24, 2023.

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