With a transparent look, Juliette is banned from entering a church in Barcelona: ‘Shame’

Juliette Freire went through an uncomfortable situation in Barcelona, in Spain, where he went to tour. The “BBB 21” champion, who recently went viral after carrying a child through the airport, said on her social network that was barred in one of the tourist spots more famous from the site, the Sagrada Familia Church.

“We left the house and we weren’t sure we were going to visit the church. So I put on a transparent outfit because it’s very hot here. We did several other things and bought the church ticket and I didn’t even touch my clothes. and the guy all embarrassed: ‘it’s just that your clothes are a little see-through’. My God, I was embarrassed”, assumed the singer, who classified the episode as a ‘tourist mess‘.

Juliette then said that she solved the situation by buying a blouse for her traveling companion and borrowing his, to cover her look a little.

Discover Juliette’s dress details

The look chosen by Juliette to enjoy the day in Barcelona is by the brand Cosmo and can be purchased on the brand’s official website for R$ 258. The piece, made of tulle with elastane, has no lining, contrasting seams and a very short length. ‘, as the brand indicates. Juliette completed the look with a Colcci bag, sunglasses and white sneakers, ensuring the necessary comfort for the walks.

Juliette reveals xenophobia experienced at work

Recently Juliette Freire said that she was euphoric when she was invited to dub a cartoon character for the movies. “I was very happy, very emotional, because I thought ‘damn, a film with an international projection with an accent’, a child will hear a Northeastern accent and I will be very happy if I can contribute to that. film and the child identifies that the character speaks the same”, he said.

The artist revealed, however, that her joy went down the drain when, before starting the dubbing, she received a controversial request. “The first thing a person [da equipe] What he said was: ‘I just wanted to ask you something, is there a way to neutralize your accent a little?’. At the time, I froze,” she lamented.

And she revealed how she got out of the situation: “I’m already calloused. I replied like this: ‘I can’t neutralize because there is no neutral accent’. There is no pattern. I’m not an actress, I’m a person and I don’t need to change who I am. I’m in the media for who I am and not for a role I play”.

After making the episode public, Juliette was harshly criticized by Antonia Fontenelle, who fired: “Lime yourself, go study and stop accusing people of xenophobia. There is something called a character profile, which is important for you to understand. Was your accent from the northeast? No, it wasn’t. If it was, they wouldn’t have asked you to neutralize it”.

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