With a tense plot, Netflix’s thriller film leaves subscribers breathless

Hypnotic was on the rise on Netflix, leaving subscribers to the streaming service out of breath with its psychological suspense. The cast includes Kate Siegel, Jason O’Mara and Dule Hill.

Kate Siegel plays a woman in Hypnotic who, in the interest of self-improvement, decides to turn to a renowned hypnotist (played by Jason O’Mara). However, she soon discovers some unpleasant consequences after a few sessions.

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Despite the intriguing premise, Hypnotic has not attracted a positive reaction from critics.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the feature film has an approval rating of just 25% at the moment. A very negative review came from the Den of Geek.

The site noted: “Netflix original movies are like fast food. They’re cheap and easy to make, they can satisfy you temporarily, they have an acceptable flavor that’s familiar and indisputable, but they’re forgettable or make you totally sorry.”

Despite this negative reception, the psychological suspense worked with some Netflix subscribers. Check out some reactions about Hypnotic on Twitter below.

More about Hypnotic

According to the synopsis released by Netflix, Hypnotic follows the story of “a young woman who deals with a renowned hypnotist, but after some intense sessions, ends up discovering terrible and unexpected consequences.”

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The protagonist Jenn deals with Dr. Collin Meade, with the aim of getting rid of old traumas and moving forward.

Hypnosis, however, was not a good idea, and it has “side effects” from the sessions – both on Jenn and on other patients.

Hypnotic’s cast is led by Kate Siegel in the role of Jenn.

Dr. Collin Meade, the main antagonist of the film, is played by Jason O’Mara, famous for the series The Man in the High Castle.

Hypnotic’s cast also includes Dulé Hill (She’s Awesome), Lucie Guest (The Dark World of Sabrina), Jaime M. Callica (UnReal), Tanja Dixon-Warren (The L Word), Darien Martin (Legends of Tomorrow) and Luc Roderique (See).

Hypnotic is on Netflix.

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