With a big change, Hotel Transylvania 4 comes straight to streaming

Hotel Transylvania: Transformonstrão 4 has just arrived in the Brazilian Amazon Prime Video catalogue. Those who have watched the film have noticed a big change: Adam Sandler is no longer in the voice cast, after participating in all the features of the original trilogy. But why did the star leave the franchise? NewsWeek explained why; check below.

“Van Helsing’s mysterious new invention turns Drac and his friends into humans and Johnny into a monster. With bodies switched, Drac and the gang must find a way to reverse this transformation before it becomes permanent.”

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In the first three Hotel Transylvania films, Adam Sandler voiced the protagonist Drac – Count Dracula.

Although it has everything to be successful with the Brazilian and international public, Hotel Transylvânia 4 divided the opinion of the specialized critic, guaranteeing only 53% of approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

Why isn’t Adam Sandler in Hotel Transylvania 4?

Adam Sandler wasn’t the only change in the cast of Hotel Transylvania 4: the voice of Frankenstein’s monster was also changed.

Drac and Frankenstein were voiced respectively by Adam Sandler and Kevin James in the first three films. Now, the characters have the voices of Brian Hull and Brad Abrell.

Although Sandler and James are out of the franchise, stars like Andy Samberg, Steve Buscemi and Selena Gomez return.

In an interview with Radio Times, the co-director of Hotel Transylvania 4 explained the changes in the cast.

“In the film, Sandler’s character transforms into a human. In other words: it is a good opportunity to do things in a different way. It was the perfect movie to bring someone else into the role,” commented Derek Drymon.

The answer may even make sense, but it was not accepted by everyone. The website Hidden Remote, for example, points out an error in the justification.

“Why did they feel the need to change Adam Sandler and Kevin James, but not the other characters?” asks the publication.

The absence of Adam Sandler and Kevin James in Hotel Transylvania 4 can be explained by a much more practical reason: both actors signed a contract with Netflix.

In January 2020, Sandler expanded his contract to 4 more films, in a deal worth around $250 million. In July of the same year, the platform also confirmed the hiring of Kevin James.

It is worth mentioning that Sandler was credited as an executive producer on the first two Hotel Transylvania films – released before his first contract with Netflix, signed in 2014.

Another explanation could involve the fact that Adam Sandler is working on an animated Netflix project, which could establish itself as a great rival to Hotel Transylvania.

Without Adam Sandler and Kevin James, the cast of Hotel Transylvania 4 is made up of Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kathryn Hahn, Jim Gaffigan, Steve Buscemi, Molly Shannon, David Spade, Keegan-Michael Key and Fran Drescher.

Hotel Transylvania 4: Big Transformer is available on Prime Video; see the trailer below.

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