With 126cm of butt, Vanessa Ataides talks about self-esteem: "My body my Rules"

Vanessa Ataides already been receiving criticism due to the size of its butt: 126cm. Now they decided to complain about the muscular muque of the fitness muse.

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“My body, my rules. I like my body that way. I work out hard for that. I like what I see in the mirror and that’s what matters. I don’t live to please others,” he said.

The model says that she heard at the gym that she was taking on too much weight to work out her arms. “A guy said that I took more weight than him to work out upper limbs. I replied: What’s the problem? Just because I’m a woman. I’m satisfied with my training, if you want to take on more weight, talk to the instructor”, she says.

Vanessa remembers that she doesn’t want to be a reference for anyone. She wants to inspire her followers to accept themselves as they are. “I don’t want my body to be a reference for anyone. On the contrary. I think people should love themselves as they are or make their own standards,” he adds.

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