Winter sales: 90 € savings on the Proscenic P11 stick vacuum cleaner

Cordless stick vacuums are handy and light, they are perfect for small daily cleanings. They offer greater freedom of movement and allow faster cleaning. On Cdiscount, the Proscenic P11 stick vacuum cleaner is displayed at a reduced price, you can order it for only 169 € instead of 259 €!

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The Proscenic P11 stick vacuum cleaner, in detail

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful 450W motor for a maximum suction power of 26000 Pa in order to effectively clean a home. It has a four-stage filter system that perfectly retains fine dust. You have access to 3 suction modes, Auto, ECO or MAX mode, to be chosen according to the surface of the ground. Battery life is 55 minutes using ECO mode, which is enough to clean large spaces. By choosing the AUTO mode, the suction power automatically adapts to each type of surface, when the vacuum cleaner detects a carpet the power is higher. Many accessories are provided including 4 different brushes to clean every corner of your home. The P11 vacuum cleaner is equipped with fast charging technology, it only takes 2h30 to fully recharge the battery which is not much compared to other models available on the market.

Why are stick vacuum cleaners so popular?

Stick vacuum cleaners are efficient and more pleasant to use compared to a conventional broom. They are easier to store, most models are recharged on a base that is attached to the wall. For small spaces a stick vacuum may be sufficient to keep the home clean. In use, these devices are more practical to use, they are much more manageable and the ease of use is incomparable! You can have many accessories supplied with the vacuum cleaner which makes cleaning easier, they are generally multifunction devices.

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