Winter sales 2023: can I get a refund or exchange a sale item?

By Cécile D., Audrey L. Published on January 8, 2023 at 1:54 p.m.

During the sales, we have fun buying items at bargain prices. But these bargains don’t always keep their promises: is it possible to exchange a sale item or get a refund? We take stock.

The winter sales 2023 begin Wednesday January 11 and this until Tuesday February 7 in France. The opportunity to have fun and fill the holes in our cupboards, while enjoying the tips. But some of these purchases are not always well chosen: defect seen too late, unsuitable size, change of mind… In usual times, these new products which you no longer want can be trades Where reimbursed. And during the sales period, is this privilege still valid?

You may have seen signs in store stating that sale items are “not returned or refunded”. Is this statement legal, or can we force the brand to take back our purchase?

A document published by the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Preventionon the website of the Ministry of the Economy, specifies that a “ sale item benefits from the same guarantees than any other item. Thus, the announcement “neither taken back nor exchanged” which is sometimes found during sales periods does not therefore exempt the merchant from exchanging or refunding the item in the event of non-apparent manufacturing defects (hidden defects). On the other hand, if the item purchased no longer suits you or if the garment is not your size but there is no hidden defect, the merchant is not legally bound to exchange: he can do it on a purely commercial basis. »

In other words, any product, even on sale, must be refunded or exchanged by the merchant, if this product has a hidden defect. However, if this product has no defect, the store has no legal obligation to take it back. However, many brands agree to make the exchange for a period of 15 to 30 days after purchase. The terms are usually stated at checkout, at checkout.

To note “ that a trader is bound to enforce any exchange or refund provision advertised by it in whatever form. If a store promises you an exchange or refund for any period, then that store is obligated to process the transaction.

Finally, also know that the online shopping are subject to the same conditions and the same regulations as those practiced in stores. In addition, whether the item was purchased on sale or not, you may return the product to the seller for exchange or refund, without penalty, within seven day period from delivery. »

This rule applies to purchases made by telephone or by post, but it has a few exceptions : you cannot apply your right of withdrawal when it comes to personalized and made-to-order products, products that deteriorate or perish quickly, except food products, CDs, DVDs and open computer software…

During the sales period, it is therefore better to show yourself careful and avoid impulse purchases, which we could not get rid of later!

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