Winter sales 2022: why you absolutely must wash your new clothes!

The 2022 winter sales started on Wednesday January 12, 2022. If you’re dying to wear this flamboyant orange sweater, just found at -30%, you better wait. In the middle of the sales period, we generally hasten to put on our acquisitions. An error, which, in the long term, can be expensive for health, recalls the National Agency for Health Security (Anses).

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In a post published on Twitter on January 13, the Agency recalls that “cases of allergies and skin irritations related to clothing are regularly reported. Remember to wash them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Who says new clothes does not say clean clothes

“New” clothes are not necessarily clean! Before landing in your closet, a sweater, pants or even a blouse has been processed, stored, transported, placed on the shelves… as many stages during which he may have been exposed to germs, dust, or even potentially toxic substances.

In July 2018, ANSES published a report identifying several chemical substances likely to be found on clothing or shoes, in particular benzidine, the chrome 6, the nickel, the nonylphénols or even the formaldehyde (source 1). These substances are for some toxic, for others irritating (lead to eczema or contact dermatitis), and even are considered endocrine disruptors and carcinogens.

To limit their impact on the skin, she recommends wash each item of clothing before wearing, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Of course, not all substances disappear when washed, but the study conducted by ANSES confirms that certain irritating substances, such as nonylphenols, are indeed eradicated after the first wash.

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