Winter and inflation: watch out for "winter coating"a deleterious love tendency!

Ordinary relationships without a future are unfortunately more likely to end at the dawn of winter. Not to mention that in this period, we tend to find charm in our past relationships – and this whatever the reason for the break-up. Because ? The drop in temperatures, the lack of light, but also the rise in prices that push us to want to curl up in the arms of others to don’t spend the winter alone and save money. A trend that now has a name: the winter coating.

A solution of comfort and ease

According to the dating app Inner Circle, 52% of singles receive messages or calls from their ex before the holidays. And 71% of them confirm that this second chance ended in failure. Without surprise ! Since it is often a selfish and perverse technique which consists of resurfacing as if nothing had happened in the lives of people with whom one has had a one-night relationship (or even a very serious relationship) to spend the winter in of them.

A solution of comfort and ease, so. The literal translation of this trend attests to this: “winter coating”. Like down jackets or extremely soft plaids, exes – or sidekicks – are therefore used to fill the void of winter. Be careful, then! don’t be fooled by a sugary message, an unusual heart emoji, or other subliminal tricks. This is precisely what makes these relationships toxic!

Winter coating, an interested practice

Another vicious aspect of this practice: it would be used to save money! It’s no secret that the first romantic dates are an investment in time, but also in money… And the bill can quickly climb when you are looking for a soul mate. Some therefore choose to recontact former partners to have less financial effort required.

This year, with rising cost pressures and people cutting back on dating, there’s an added risk that singles will return to their old adventures, warns Crystal Cansdale, dating expert for Inner Circle.

By putting their suitcases at old conquests, they limit expenses for electricity, heating, etc.. Not to mention that they rely on the affection and recognition of their spare half to eat and entertain themselves… “These ill-intentioned bachelors will prove to be stable and reliable during the winter, but they will disappear into the wild at the first signs of spring“, warns the expert.

Let’s not be cynical, it could also be a serendipity of timing. If you want to reconnect with your ex, do it all the same in stages and stay vigilant. If in doubt, do not hesitate to confront your partner about his intentions.

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