Wilson Teixeira ‘rocks’ Helena Isabel after controversial comments about Bárbara Parada: “It’s called acute envy…”

This Monday, November 21, Helena Isabel made comments about Bárbara Parada on Big Brother’s ‘Última Hora’ program that led to controversy and criticism of the jurist by viewers.

Big Brother commentators were talking about the proximity of Miguel Vicente and Bárbara Parada, when Helena Isabel highlighted the assumed desire that they have to kiss and shot: “It’s embarrassing, just like Barbara saying ‘regarding the body, this and that’ and if you go to Barbara’s Instagram, you’ll perfectly understand that nothing matches what she said”.

Helena Isabel did not stop there and went further in her analysis: “If I have reservations about my physique, I will not expose myself in a way that is sometimes a little ordinary and frivolous on a social network […] When the person has reservations about showing certain things, it has to be consistent. You have insecurities in your body, you are not going to expose your body”🇧🇷

Faced with this comment, the jurist ended up being heavily criticized on social networks. Wilson Teixeira was one of the well-known faces to speak out on the subject and ‘devastated’ the commentator: “Whatever it is to have a body that she can’t have to show off, for her it’s exposure. It is a disease that has a name. It is called ACUTE INVEJITIS and its symptom is NOBODY CATCHES IT and EVERYBODY DISCARDS IT”, wrote on the Twitter page.

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