William Shatner vs. His Ex-Star Trek Colleagues: "people consumed with envy"

Speaking in a recent interview William Shatner attacked his former Star Trek colleagues, pointing the finger above all at George Takei.

The new statements of William Shatner attack his own ex-colleagues from Star Trek, following up on some previous attitudes of the actor. It is not the first time that Shatner has allowed himself to be carried away by statements of this kind, recalling the harsh criticisms that have been leveled against him over the years on the set of the series.

William Shatner in $#*!  My Dad Says in the episode The Manly Thing To Do

William Shatner in $ # *! My Dad Says in The Manly Thing To Do episode

During a recent interview with The Times UK, on ​​the occasion of the promotion of his book Boldly go, reflections on a life of awe and wonderWilliam Shatner has returned to talk about his former Star Trek colleagues, responding to the criticisms that have moved him over the years, calling him “cold and arrogant”: “I am horrified to learn this, and I am ashamed that I did not understand it before”and then continue, “I started to understand that they were doing it for commercials. Sixty years later they are still talking about it. Doesn’t that seem a little strange to you? It’s like a disease. George [Takei] he never stopped tarnishing my name. These people are bitter. I ran out of patience with them. Why give credit to people consumed by envy and hatred?”

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Speaking about Star Trek and its current identity, William Shatner then said that it continues to endure because of the good friendships and stories at its core: “The futurist stories we told were first and foremost human. People loved those stories, and the characters.”

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