William Bonner’s wife, Natasha Dantas has an operation and reveals details of the health problem

Natasha Dantas, wife of William Bonner, yesterday (24) underwent a surgical procedure to remove a myoma. The physiotherapist, who last week paid tribute to her husband, published photos with the journalist in the operating room and shared details of the health problem with her followers.

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About 5 years ago, my gynecologist discovered a cyst – until then, small in size – in the body of my uterus and we continued to follow it. I take preventive exams annually and this helps to discover little problems, most of the time in the initial phase”, warned Natasha.

She also reported that that year the cyst grew. “I was seen by two gynecologists and they both decided to remove it. What used to be almost 2 cm in size, yesterday was already 3 cm. We did everything right and, thank God, the ‘little house’ is clean now,” celebrated Natasha, who underwent a surgical hysteroscopy video, considered a minimally invasive gynecological procedure.


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