William and Kate, the first official portrait. Diana’s jewels and Sex and the city cult shoes

London, June 23, 2022 – The Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton together in first official portrait. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge they were portrayed by the British artist Jamie Coreth. She in a metallic emerald green dress – Falconetti from the English brand founded by Susie Cave The Vampire’s Wife – but above all with the jewels of Diana. End result, perfect icon of the modern princess.

40 years of him

He, who has just turned 40, in a blue suit with a blue tie. They both look at a mysterious off-camera target, to the left. If you want to imagine, it could be The kingdom. Prince William is in fact second in line of succession to the British throne. The author gives this caption:It was the most extraordinary privilege of my life to have been chosen to paint this picture, I wanted to represent the two Royal Highnesses in a relaxed and easy way and at the same time elegant and regal. “The portrait painter was inspired by a visit from the Dukes of Cambridge to Dublin, in 2020.

From today the painting will be exhibited at Fitzwilliam Museum of the University of Cambridge.

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Diana’s jewels

Kate summarizes the history of the royal family. They belonged to the people’s princess, lady Diana, the braceletthree strings of pearls and diamonds, e Earrings. But the historical jewel worn by Kate is there brooch of pearls and diamonds with a pearl pendant, it is called ‘The Duchess of Cambridge brooch’ and it belonged to Princess AugustaDuchess of Cambridge, daughter-in-law of King George III.

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40 years of her

The presentation follows the release of three formal portraits of the Duchess of Cambridge on the occasion of her 40th birthday to January. That time Kate she decided not to make a painting, instead commissioning the Italian fashion photographer (and collaborator of Vogue) Paolo Roversi to shoot a trio of portraits at Kew Gardens.

The shoes of Sex and the city

On her feet, the Duchess of Cambridge wears the classic emerald-colored Hangisi heels by Manolo Blahnik. A model, already seen in Sex and the city (it was the wedding shoe of choice by Carrie Bradshaw) who has already secured a spot in the pop culture hall of fame. Now, the cult stiletto has had the royal seal of approval and will hang (at least temporarily) in the National Portrait Gallery as well.

“Balance between public and private life”

Again the portraitist: “I wanted the image to evoke a feeling of equilibrium between their public and private life ”, he explained quoted by the BBC. Corethwas had already painted the official portrait of Prince William in 2014a year after he became the youngest painter to portray Queen Elizabeth, in 2013. While the painting is on display at the museum, the Cambridgeshire Royal Portrait Fund plans to use it to encourage children and young people in the county to take an interest in art.

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